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About Us
Erfa Alani Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer
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Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

I am an ICF certiied Professional Coach, former diplomat, trade negotiator, management consultant and lawyer. (I also spent a year as a stand-up comic!)

I  work primarily with executives  looking to increase their personal and organizational influence and impact in their workplaces, industries and communities (often there is also the side bonus of increased influence in their homes and with their families), particularly during times of transition and change. 


Too many change initiatives fail, underachieve, and/or come at a sacrifice that outweighs any benefits.  My clients are positioned to:

  • Shape the broader agenda 

  • Work on the most meaningful assignments

  • Form successful and catalytic collaborations and partnerships

  • Inspire confidence and attract advocates

  • Rise above entrenched silos to secure broad support

  • Get noticed and make a bigger impact sooner

  • Lead more engaged, happier, more creative solution-oriented teams


I limit the number of clients I work with to ensure you get a highly customized service, expedited results, stronger relationships and increased influence - for yourself, your team and your organization. To explore if I can be of service to you, either directly or indirectly, lets talk.

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Customized executive coaching package for: 

  • Starting a new leadership role

  • Planning or implementing a new project, partnership, change initiative 

  • Committing to do better


Customized executive coaching packages for:

  • Executives looking to position themselves for more influence and impact within their existing organizations or externally in the next 6 -18 months

  • Individuals considering elected office

  • Executives looking to move between the private, public and not-for-profit sectors


Customized executive coaching packages for those looking to make a lasting impression.



“Erfa has been an invaluable resource not only to me but also to my teammates.  She has a way of balancing the need of the individual with the needs of the organization the individual operates within.  She is highly perceptive and razor-sharp.  She complements her exceptional understanding of humans with numerous exercises, techniques and resources that can be applied immediately”

Natasha A, Chief Operating Officer, McConnell Foundation

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