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Pop Up Coaching Days for 2022

January 15th - FULL

February 19th - FULL

March 26th - FULL

April 16th - FULL

May 14th - FULL

June 11th 

August 20th 

September 10th 
October 29th 

November 19th 

How it works

Every month I donate one Saturday to coach individuals undergoing significant periods of change and growth at no cost to them.  There is some pre work to ensure we both come prepared and make the most of our time together.  

There is no sales pitch.   While individuals receiving pop up coaching are encouraged to sign up for at least two sessions spread out over several months they cannot become paying clients of mine in the same calendar year.


Send me an email to learn more or book a session.

Who is eligible

Front line workers


New grads

New parents

New grandparents

Individuals facing a first prison term

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