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Erfa Alani Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer

I am an executive coach, former diplomat, trade negotiator, management consultant and lawyer. (I also spent a year as a stand-up comic!)

Professionally I have spent my career creating, building and nurturing collaborative partnerships - partnership formation, mergers, acquisitions restructurings, privacy, procurement, diplomacy, trade, investment, strategy and change management. 

Personally I became both a refugee and a widow unexpectedly and overnight (two separate events).  I know change and have an aptitude for ambiguity and uncertainty. 

My journey to coaching started as a search for an approach to assist when nothing else worked (the initiatives where either everything made sense and nothing moved or conversely where nothing made sense and there was no choice but to move).  Since then I have had the profound privilege of unleashing insight, creativity, renewed purpose, clarity and commitment with executive clients working in the finance, energy, media, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, tourism and professional services sectors. 

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Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Leadership specialist
performance specialist
transition and change specialist
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